Welcome to my Biography. I'd like to present to you a brief description of my origins, knowledge, and experience.
I am Doctor Laveau. A King of Voodoo. I come from the 5th generation of Marie Laveau, "The Unchallenged Queen of Voodoo." Her knowledge and powers have been passed on to my family for over 150 years.
I was born in New Orleans in 1938. My religious education started since I was a really young boy. I have always seen Voodoo as the best means to help others who are in need of help and I have taken on a mission to carry on my family's legacy and to make sure our name stands out as the most gracious Voodoo High Priests Family in the world. My Grandmother honored me with the title of King of Voodoo in 1954.
Thank you for visiting my site. I encourage you to call me for a free consultation to start solving your problems as soon as possible!